Customer onboarding

Building trust and customer loyalty early on in the customer relationship

Once you’ve managed to persuade customers to come onboard…what do you do with them? Customer onboarding is about cementing loyalty early and leveraging that critical honeymoon period in the relationship to build trust.

  • You need to make the most of the first 90 days of every new customer relationship.

    It’s when customers are most receptive to your offers and trust you the most –the ideal time to really deliver on brand promises. It’s not just what you do right that counts, but also what you do wrong. How can you avoid bad interaction and shoddy service that taints the new relationship?
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  • You need to identify the main experience drivers to maximize customer onboarding.

    It’s not just about selecting the right products and offers, but knowing how to communicate to customers across all channels, from people in the contact center to letters, email and everything in between.
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  • You need answers when customers have questions.

    Customers know you have access to more data than ever before, and increasingly, their expectation is that you ‘know them’. Their expectations are high and they assume you are able to draw upon this mass of data to solve their problems in real time. But can you?
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  • You need to know whether your customer onboarding approach is actually working.

    Customers don’t always praise good service and they don’t always complain about bad. Predictive analytics, for example, not only identifies the right treatment for each customer, but measures its success and helps to spark improvements.
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The bottom line

Our family of customer interaction solutions is proven to boost cross sell revenue by 100% - with major increases in longer-term incremental sales plus better identification of attrition risks.

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