Predictive analytics

Put simply, predictive analytics gives you the ability to start making smart decisions for yourself about customer behavior and its impact on marketing and customer strategy… instead of relying soley on analysts. It‘s the bedrock upon which all customer-focused marketers need to start building their activities if they really want to attract, satisfy and retain profitable customers.

  • Predict future customer behavior.

    Predictive analytics empowers you to create behavioral models based on a given objective or situation - such as propensity to buy, upgrade, churn or indeed default (a key KPI in many industry sectors).

  • Uncover and analyze previously unknown and unseen patterns.

    Get deeper into your existing data using rules such as geography and demographics but also based on more brand and product-specific behavioral trends. For example, what are the common bonds linking a group of people that responded to a particular offer?

  • Build a profitable customer strategy – in real-time.

    Predictive analytics can link customer preferences and scores to various KPIs across the business in real-time, for both outbound and inbound interactions. By adopting a forward-thinking approach that bases your activities on the likely wants and needs of customer segments you can start to anticipate what’s hot and what’s not.

Portrait Dialogue
Portrait Miner

Rapid customer segmentation and predictive modeling powered by 3D visualization.

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Portrait Uplift Optimizer
Portrait Uplift

Identify the persuadables and savables that will actually be influenced by your campaign.

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T-Mobile case study
T-Mobile case study

T-Mobile Austria uses Portrait Customer Analytics to reduce customer churn.

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