Portrait Foundation

Customer interaction fulfillment and provisioning

You’ve automated your marketing – but what about the processes that result from this marketing? Campaign management and CRM systems can leave a critical gap, which exposes your organization to manual and disjointed processes and the potential for a detrimental customer experience. These provisioning and fulfilling processes are critical for your organization to execute on your customer promise.

Portrait Foundation is a specialized platform that empowers your organization to develop and execute the provisioning and fulfillment processes that result from marketing and CRM activity. Now, you can automate, extend and evolve your existing environment for newfound levels of closed loop automation and efficiency – all in just a fraction of the time and effort of other CRM systems.

  • Extend the life of your existing CRM and marketing applications
  • Create closed loop processes that provision and fulfil the processes that result from customer marketing activity
  • Close your CRM and marketing gaps in a fraction of the time versus traditional approaches
  • Extend software applications with a visual suite for customer process modeling
  • Flexible web services provide easy integration into your existing environment
  • Abstraction Layer for service-based integration
  • Multi-channel deployment connects the customer experience
  • Configuration suite with intuitive ‘drag and drop’ process modeling
  • Web-based, thin-client architecture

Case Studies: