Customer interaction optimization solutions

Amidst a soft economy, savvier consumers, shrinking marketing budgets, proliferating channels and cutthroat competition it’s hard to know where to start with optimizing your customer interactions. Like most things in life there are challenges. And there are solutions. This is how we see it.

The challenges

Customer relationships are a continuum. The customer lifecycle is about maintaining, invigorating and constantly improving that continuum by taking customers on a journey from prospect to advocate that’s mutually beneficial to both parties.

Whether your challenge is customer acquisition, onboarding, cross and up sell, retention or loyalty, how do you make every interaction count? Read more »

The solutions

Customer insight: Data needs to become actionable intelligence that moves fast. Technologies like data visualization, predictive analytics and uplift modeling achieve it by being about more than lists, batches and old-fashioned segmentation. Read more »

Customer strategy: Micro-segmentation techniques tell you who people really are – and indeed how profitable they are. Contact and offer optimization ensures you make the right offers to the right customers at the right time via the right channels. Real-time decisioning solutions can mediate inbound interactions between customers and your service agents. Read more »

Customer engagement: Techniques like cross-channel dialogue help you track and engage customers across channels ranging from SMS to facebook. Customer lifetime value programs calculate ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) in the long term, while customer fulfilment solutions ensure you deliver on your promises, bolster your brand and build trust. Read more »


The bottom line

True customer-centricity is based on a customer lifecycle approach where your organization and your customers have a single view of each other. Customers have less time; organizations have less resources and money. The Portrait Customer Interaction Suite helps you overcome these obstacles and succeed in an era where you need to be in control.

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