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The 4 customer experience competencies

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Bruce Temkin has developed an approach around The 4 Customer Experience Competencies which really resonates with someone who comes from a traditional marketing background. It is not often that “Brand Values” are highlighted in such a way when the topic of customer experience is being debated.

Relevant e-mails avoid mental opt-out

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Mental opt-out has been a hot topic around here lately.  With e-mail dominating business communication, many marketers have fallen into the trap of classifying email as a free marketing tool, leading them to contact their customers without giving proper thought to email frequency or relevancy.  Since there’s no financial investment in e-mail, what is there to lose?  As it turns out, the answer is a lot.

And onto the next one...

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A few weeks on and now that the dust has settled on a good year at Portrait (see trading statement), what have we learned?

Firstly, relationships count. A renewed focus on establishing stronger relationships with key customers has helped us to cement trust and led to many new investments in Portrait technology. We must continue to forge strong win/win relationships with our customers.

What we're reading this month

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From: Chief Marketer Blog - Sell the Way Your Customers Buy

Every marketer's goal is to send relevant and engaging content to customers. But consumer buying behavior is evolving so quickly that the rules are constantly changing. In this article, the author discusses how marketers must realize that the balance of power has shifted to the consumer. Marketers need to quickly adapt and frame new programs that sell to customers in the way they now buy using the resources available across multiple channels.

Trends in multi-channel communication

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I was recently approached by TMCnet’s Customer Interaction Solutions and asked to share a few thoughts on multi-channel and cross-channel trends that Portrait has seen recently. One of the topics we discussed was the increasing use of multiple channels to interact with customers. Utilizing multi-channel communication doesn’t mean contacting your customer through all channels, but rather through the right channels, as determined by the individual customer and his or her specific needs and preferences.

What we're reading this month

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From Think Customers: the 1to1 Blog - An Enterprise Approach to End Data Silos

Data silos still remain the main reason that keep many companies from integrating their analytics efforts into multiple channels or layering in-depth predictive analytics. In this article, Patrick Surry is quoted as saying that silos are a "fundamental fact of life with product-centric organizations. "I think that's a real big challenge that no one has figured out.”

Portrait partner with Orbis Global

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I’m delighted with the recent announcement that Portrait Software has entered into a global partnership with Orbis Global. Not only is it a great strategic fit for both parties as the software offering is highly complementary but also culturally both companies are very closely aligned. The Orbis folk are a great bunch of people, highly skilled, really care about their customers and always go the extra mile to make sure there’s a successful outcome. We like to believe this is also true of Portrait Software.

Marketing’s technical transformation

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Recently, while prepping for a customer meeting to present the advances of Portrait Dialogue 5, I was thinking of the time I spent in the mid-1990s as an imbedded account representative at Lotus Development for Barry Blau Partners (BB&P). At the time, BB&P was one of the preeminent direct marketing agencies in the U.S. and Lotus was still competing in the desktop tool marketplace (remember Lotus SmartSuite?) against Microsoft Windows.

What we're reading this week

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From Think Customers: The 1 to 1 Blog

Guest Blogger Nilofer Merchant: How Collaboration Improves the Customer Experience Think Customers: The 1to1 Blog 2/23/2010

This article discusses the lack of communication between different departments of the same company, and how companies can improve their customer experience by working across silos, knowing what matters, and taking the best input from anywhere.

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