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Customer centricity is Passé?

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Passé? No way.

EVERYONE seems to be talking about its importance for 2011 (and beyond…)

Predictive Analytics Innovation: Customer Centric Media Buying and Planning

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We here at Portrait are very happy to hear that LogicLab, a division of Merkle Inc, was recognized for their Match Analytics Solution (MAS) at this year’s DMA Conference. LogicLab, a Portrait Software customer, received an Innovation Award for their tool which utilizes Portrait’s analytic engine to bring direct marketing tactics to the media planning and buying process.

What we're reading this month

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From Customer Engagement Club: It's all about the customer experience

The article looks at research recently carried out by analyst house Forrester. The report "The State of Customer Experience 2010" looks at customer experience both online and in-store.

From The 1to1 Blog: Email Marketing Grows Alongside Social Media

Succeeding with Social Media: Don’t Create a “Social Silo”

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Get Started

With the swelling dot-com style hype around social media now at peak pitch, organizations of all sizes are now appropriately looking to their marketing teams to drive and execute a social media strategy. 

Customer Onboarding in Financial Services – Pitfalls and Best Practice

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At the recent BAI show in Las Vegas delegates showed great interest in the subject of ‘Customer Onboarding’. I’d like to share some key insights from a presentation we delivered.

Profit centers, not call centers

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Not that long ago, call centers were seen as a necessary evil, a mere line item on the yearly budget. Recently, though, this has changed substantially.

You should not only measure but model incremental response

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Long time friend of Portrait, Nick Radcliffe, who also happens to be one of the brains behind the concept of Uplift Modeling will be speaking at the London Predictive Analytics World Event on Monday November 15th.

A brand’s real job is to build trust

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Alan Mitchell hits the nail on the head in his article Reinventing marketing: Nothing must detract from building trust in your brand when he says that a brand’s real job is to build trust.

The importance of multi-channel integration

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Almost across the board, there is an expectation from today’s customers that they should be able to interact with a chosen company through any channel - whether that be picking up a phone, going online or purchasing in store. With the huge growth in e-tailing over recent years, it is important that B2C organizations keep in mind the importance of the more traditional channels to the customer.

The value of relevant messaging for multi-channel campaigns

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Despite the proliferation of email marketing campaigns and social CRM, traditional offline channels remain a popular and successful way of reaching customers. In a recent article I read called "12 Steps to an Effective Direct Mail Campaign", the author highlights how direct mail can be a very effective way of gaining visibility with tangible and measurable results, by reaching customers away from their computer screens.

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